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Dr. Anand Kavi is a specialist Endoscopic Spine Surgeon of international repute with extensive experience in minimally invasive Spine procedures in the treatment of Back pain & Sciatica attached to Prime Surgical Centers, Pune, Apollo Spectra Hospital Pune, Deendayal Memorial Hospital, Pune & Elixir Hospital, Dadar, Mumbai.

The Back pain, Leg pain & Sciatica are very common problems that people seek Medical Attention. It is said that nearly 80% of adults will suffer from low back pain requiring medical attention for least once in a lifetime & 35 % of the patients will develop sciatica. This site is dedicated to Diagnosis, Treatment & Education of such patients. Back pain will usually improve within a few weeks or months. There are several things you can try to help reduce your pain in the meantime.

Mission :
Our mission is to make Spine treatment Back pain treatment, including surgery to be safe, precise & predictable, with fast return to normal life & educating patients for a better future.

This is the least invasive technique involving keyhole Endoscopic Spine Surgery for common conditions of the degenerative spine like Slip-Disc, Disc Tear & degeneration, Herniation, Disc Protrusion and Extrusion, Soft Spinal Stenosis & foraminal stenosis causing Back pain & Sciatica. Dr. Anand Kavi provides the best Back Pain Treatment in Pune.

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Back Pain Treatment

Our spine is made up of series of bones called Vertebrae from the skull to hip bone & it functions as a conduit for safe passage of Spinal Cord & nerves. These vertebrae are separated by discs which act as shock-absorbers & give mobility to the spine.

Basic Back Pain Treatments

At Back pain clinic, we understand patients anxiety, apprehension, psychology which is already disturbed due to agonizing pain. Out of fear that a spine surgeon will recommend surgery & fear of Spine Surgery, a majority of patients prefer self-medication.

Stitch-less Endoscopic Spine Surgery

There are many techniques in which Endoscope is used for spinal surgery. But stitch-less endoscopic spinal surgery under local Anesthesia is the least invasive & very safe technique. is done from back by cutting the muscles.

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