At Back pain clinic we understand patients anxiety, apprehension, psychology which is already disturbed due to agonizing pain.

Out of fear that a spine surgeon will recommend surgery & fear of Spine Surgery, a majority of patients prefer self medication, & they try yoga, physiotherapy & acupressure & other treatments which seem attractive to avoid surgery and often land up in severe Back Pain requiring emergency attention & many patients come late, when in some sort of permanent damage is done to nerves.

With our knowledge & experience of operating under local anesthesia, we know precisely where the pain is coming from. To make it simple pain is sensation carried by nerves, so there cannot be a pain without involvement of nerve.

At our clinic we do detailed clinical evaluation, following definite algorithms & protocols & if required we advise further investigation like MRI which is then co-related with the clinical findings.

Then we plan the treatment depending on the severity of the problem from – Rest & medication

  • Core muscles building & exercises.
  • Advice on posture & Ergonomics.
  • Simple injection in the nerve in the foot.
  • Spinal Injection
  • Stitchless – Endoscopic procedure for severe condition & in those patients where natural healing is not possible or prolonged.

Are you a candidate ?

  • If you are suffering from Back Pain & pain radiating down the leg.
  • Pain in thighs & knees.
  • Difficulty in sitting on the floor.
  • Difficulty sitting crossed legged & required to straighten the legs.
  • Heel pain & difficulty getting up from the bed in the morning.
  • Leg or calf pain that disturbs the sleep or cramps in the legs.
  • Disturbed sleep due to Back Pain on changing sides.
  • Not tolerating cold temperature or sleeping under the fan.
  • Cramps in the legs while standing or walking short distance.
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in the back or legs.
  • Burning of soles.
  • Weakness in foot or legs.
  • Footwear slipping out.
  • Urinary or bowel problems.
  • If you are advised MRI of Spine.
  • If you have taken Spinal or Epidural injections for pain.
  • If you have a Slip disc or diagnosed with reduced gap in Spine or Disc bulge, prolapse, or hemiation.
  • If you require Spinal Surgery for Pain.