Stitch-less Endoscopic Spine Surgery

There are many techniques in which Endoscope is used for spinal surgery. But stitch-less endoscopic spinal surgery under local Anesthesia is the least invasive & very safe technique.

Traditional Spinal Surgery is done from back by cutting the muscles, ligaments & bones, thereby causing instability which in turn needs fusion surgery with bone graft, screws & rods. And also it is done under general or spinal Anesthesia & there is a risk of injuring the nerve roots or Dural sac, as it needs to be retracted.

Stitch-less Spine Surgery  is done under local anesthesia in awake patient. So there is continuous feedback from the patients & so the risk of nerve injury is greatly reduced. Also we can co- relate the pain & this makes the surgery very precise & result oriented.

This is a key hole surgery with a very small skin incision which does not require even a stitch to close & is done from the side by dilating the muscles, thus no stabilizing structure (bones/ muscles/ ligaments) is cut & so no need to put bone screws & rods in the back .

As it is not done under General & Spinal Anesthesia the risk related to anesthesia is also greatly reduced &  it can be safely done in very old age patients. Also it can be done in patients who suffer from diabetes, hyper tension, heart disease & other serious ailment, who are otherwise not a candidate for traditional surgery under General Anesthesia.

Remember this is stitch less & under local anesthesia in awake patients.

Stitch-less surgery Advantages:

  • Stitch-less surgery: No dressing, no stitch removal, no big scar.
  • Risk of infection is very less.
  • No nerve injury.
  • Accurate co-relation of pain & treatment in awake patients.
  • No cutting of muscles & bones.
  • No fusion with screws & rods.
  • Safely done in old aged patients.
  • Use of laser & radiofrequency makes it very accurate by extending the reach.
  • Day care surgery: No long hospital stay.
  • ICU not required.
  • Prolonged bed rest with use of Belts & orthosis is not required.
  • No need of blood transfusion.
  • No need to give long term anti biotic injections.
  • Cost effective- Saves in cost of hospitalization & medicines.
  • Can be done at multiple levels.